Is there a Ruler over the Earth? A Relationship between Wis 1:14 and Jn 12:31


  • Manuel Hernández Sigüenza


Summary: I. Wis 1:13-15. 1. Translation notes. 2. The term ᾅδης in Wis, LXX, and Hellenism. II. Jn 12: 30-32. 1. Translation notes. 2. Who is the ruler of this world? III. Conclusions.

The aim of this paper is to compare Wis 1:14 and Jn 12:31 in order to establish whether there is a link between them. In these texts we find the terms “the kingdom of Hades” and “the ruler of this world” respectively. In the first, we read: “there is no kingdom of Hades over the earth”; while in Jn, Jesus himself speaks of a “ruler of this world”. Is there a contradiction between these passages? How is it possible that there is a “ruler of this world” if on earth there is no “kingdom of Hades”? What did both sacred authors intend to convey?