Submission Guidelines

Contributions should be sent to the editorial office in both electronic and print form. For the electronic form, please use a Word or RTF file. Instead of the print form, you may also send a PDF file. In case non-latin characters are used within the text, use Unicode standard.

Contributions can be written in Italian, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish or German. The manuscript must be unpublished.

Two referees will evaluate each submission.

Contributors must also send a short biografy (300 words max), specifying their affiliation or membership.

                        Editorial Office Address:    Comitato di Redazione Annales theologici
                                                              Via dei Farnesi, 83 – 00186 Roma

                                                    Tel.     06/681641 – Fax 06/68164600

The Journal publishes:

Research Articles (Studi)*: Articles with original content and analysis, always using sound references. Between 100,000 and 140,000 characters, spaces included. Style Guidelines.

Research Notes (Note)*: Informative articles or comments, usually of shorter length (between 30,000 e 45,000 characters, spaces included), also without footnotes. This section also admits conferences or similar texts. Style Guidelines.

Status quaestionis*: Review papers that present a status quaestionis of a specific theological issue or theological treatise. Between 100,000 and 140,000 characters, spaces included. Style Guidelines.

* Authors must encolse an abstract of ca. 100 words both in English and in the original language.

Book Reviews: They imply a critical dialogue with the content and/or the author of the book examined. The work reviewed should not have been published more than 3 years before the Journal issue in which the review appears. Footnotes should be avoided. Between 8,000 and 12,000 characters, spaces included. Style Guidelines.