The Mediation of Justification and The Justification of Mediation

Sommario: Introduction: An elliptical hermeneutic. I. Introduction to “Church and Justification”: 1. Sources. 2. The key-note ideas of the document. - II. “The abiding origin of the Church”: 1. The Church and the Kingdom. 2. The Church “creature of the Gospel”. 3. The Church, the Apostles and succession. - III. “The Church of the Triune God”: 1. The Church as the people of God, body of Christ, temple of the Spirit. 2. The Church a koinônia-communio founded on the Trinity. 3. Ecclesial communion - communion of Churches. - IV. The Church as Recipient and Mediator of Salvation: 1. The reality of the Church: congregatio fidelium and “sacrament of salvation”. 2. The life of the Church and the doctrine of justification. 3. “Holy Church/Sinful Church”. 4. Justification, Church and Theology of the Word. 5. The institutional continuity of the Church. 6. Ordained Ministry as Institution in the Church. 7. Binding Church Doctrine and the Teaching Function of the Ministry. 8. Church Jurisdiction and the jurisdictional function of the Ministry. 9. Conclusion to Chapter 4. - V. Concluding reflection: the Church visible and hidden: The doctrine of justification as a criteriological principle.